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My next novel,

HOTEL MOSCOW, to be published by HarperCollins, summer 2015 !

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Nov. 18, 2011! JERUSALEM MAIDEN won the Forward National Literature Award for Historical Fiction!!! 


JERUSALEM MAIDEN is listed in Reading Group Choices 2012


Amazing reviews for Jerusalem Maiden continue to pour in, including from Christian and Jewish publications!


Update 2013:


 What am I working on now? HOTEL MOSCOW.

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JERUSALEM MAIDEN is being taught in "Ethnic & Cultural Literature" program at Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan.





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The Protective Parent Reform Act--and the myths of PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome)

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* The novel won the Forward National Literature Award  for  "Historical Fiction"!!


* An excerpt won the Editor's Choice Award in The New best Writing 2011 anthology.

* --And named second-place (tie) winner in the
Eric Hoffer Short Prose Award.


* --Then nominated to the prestigious Pushcart Prize 2011

"Exquisitely told, with details so vivid you can almost taste the food and hear the voices...a moving and utterly captivating novel that I will be thinking about for a long, long time.”
      -- Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author of The Silent Girl   [More rave reviews]

1st place winner: Forward National Literature Award (Historical Fiction)

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“The Red Tent” meets

A Thousand Splendid Suns.” 





In 1911, in the ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem under the backward Ottoman rule, a young woman sets out to challenge God. 


The feisty Esther’s life-long struggle between her passions and her strict society’s religious dictates sends her to secretly explore worlds outside her religion, city and the Holy Land.


Her artistic talent hurls her away from her husband and children into the seductive world of avant-garde art and the allure of the one man forbidden to her-- until she faces the bitter question of whether it is ever possible to reconcile her quest for individuality with the demands of her faith.


(HarperCollins, June 2011)





Puppet Child - by Talia Carner

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When the justice system fails her daughter, one courageous mother takes matters into her own hands. In a wrenching race against time, the safety of one child becomes entangled in the theatrics of family court, bottled-up family dynamics, media frenzy, and the pressure of the political machine.

China Doll - by Talia Carner

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An American pop music icon finds herself on a collision course with the world's two superpowers—and her label company that has business interest in China—when resolving to save a Chinese baby from certain death. Haunted by a troubled past, the protagonist is set to win against those determined to silence her.

   Also, available as eBook at


    Also, available as eBook at



Coming up: HOTEL MOSCOW to be released summer 2015 (HarperCollins.)


Summary: A mesmerizing, thought-provoking novel that tells the riveting story of a woman—the daughter of Holocaust survivors—who travels to Russia shortly after the fall of communism, and finds herself embroiled in a perilous mafia conspiracy that could irrevocably destroy her life.



Brooke Fielding, a thirty-eight year old New York investment manager and daughter of Jewish Holocaust survivors, finds her life suddenly upended in late September 1993 when her job is put in jeopardy. Brooke accepts an invitation to join a friend on a mission to Moscow to teach entrepreneurial skills to Russian business women, which will also give her a chance to gain expertise in the new, vast emerging market. Though excited by the opportunity to save her job and be one of the first Americans to visit Russia after the fall of communism, she also wonders what awaits her in the country that persecuted her mother just a generation ago.

Inspired by the women she meets, Brooke becomes committed to helping them investigate the crime that threatens their businesses. But as the uprising of the Russian parliament against President Boris Yeltsin turns Moscow into a volatile war zone, Brooke will find that her involvement comes at a high cost. For in a city where “capitalism” is still a dirty word, where neighbors spy on neighbors and the new economy is in the hands of a few dangerous men, nothing Brooke does goes unnoticed—and a mistake in her past may now compromise her future. 

A moving, poignant, and rich novel, Hotel Moscow is an eye-opening portrait of post-communist Russia and a profound exploration of faith, family, and heritage.



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